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6g 8260

Ford’s newest family of alternators is the 6g. Identify the 110amp by measuring 4 3/4 inches from bolt to bolt and the gray plastic bearing cover on the back plate. If you have a white with black voltage regulator, it updates to the white with blue.

Kit includes new voltage regulator/ brush ass’y, 2 new bearings, slip ring, rear plastic bearing race and cover.
6g 110a white with blue

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Occasionally (but not often) you run into a bad diode on these units. If you want to replace the rectifier, you can buy at a discounted rate when you purchase with the kit.



If you don’t want to solder the new slip ring to the rotor, you can purchase a new rotor and raise the quality of your rebuild. If you replace both the rotor and the rectifier, it raises the quality of the alternator to that of a NEW one.

6g 110 rotor


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